A Robot Train That Lets You Write Music With Magic Markers


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More HTML5 niceness

This time focussing on new HTML5 approaches to typography using WOFF. Great for all you designers out there. Wonderful use of scrolling on the Atlantis Page too. Worth a look.

This scares me

It’s been a while since something like this was seen or heard on the interweb. Which is probably a good thing…

HTML5 Comic Strip: Never Mind The Bullets

Flash is clearly being challenged by HTML5 experiments like this. Fantastic. Like so many things these days, it was designed to show off a particular browser, in this case the brand spanking new Internet Explorer 9. I didn’t bother installing it however, as it worked fine in Safari on my Mac…

iPad used for stop-frame animation

Now this is what I call thinking outside the box. Technology put to ingenious use. And the results are wonderfully ghostly. Watch the film by clicking here or on the picture.

Firefox Tweet Machine

Delightful use of open web technologies. Click to view.

For the inquisitive, here are the ingredients: Twitter API’s (Search & REST); Box2DJS (ported to jQuery) for the physics; PHPSimple PHP ProxyMemcachedYAML loader and PHP Twitter OAuth for the backend; Raphäel JS for the gauge SVG animation; jQuery for easier javascript coding; ColorBoxhistoryPreload CSS Images and timeago plugins; Topsy for the RT functions; Yanone Kaffeesatz loaded through Google Font API for the interface type and The Lobster Font for the typeface.